One of the rising stars in the Ellum Audio family of artists.




Egyptian born and now Barcelona based, as an artist Raxon is a testament to the adage that passion and determination will take you where you want to be.

Days, nights, months, and years in the studio have contributed to a string of revered releases in recent years, on the globe’s most sought after imprints.

Raxon studied and worked as an architect in Dubai, but it was in 2010, he decided to focus on his new vocation, electronic music.

His journey through sound led him to the awe-inspiring Barcelona in 2014. Here he started to release music with some of the most respected labels on the dance music scene such as Ellum, Diynamic, Kompakt, Cocoon, and more.


His love for music comes from the late 90s in his early teens, with influences spanning rock, hip-hop, trance, house, and sci-fi movies. A DJ for over 20 years, his exposure to various trends have helped shape his signature stripped-back melodic techno-driven sound.